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Charlie ha tenido mucha suerte. Ha sido uno de los elegidos para visitar la maravillosa fábrica de chocolate Wonka. A veces, la toma de decisión transforma tu vida de manera radical. Eso es lo que le sucede a Charlie. En Charlie y la fábrica de choco...

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Details of Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Santillana USA Publishing Company
Publication date
Age range
7 - 12 Years
Book language
Low quality scanned pages
4.71 (w) x 7.87 (h) x 0.44 (d)

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Some brief overview of this book

Charlie ha tenido mucha suerte. Ha sido uno de los elegidos para visitar la maravillosa fábrica de chocolate Wonka. A veces, la toma de decisión transforma tu vida de manera radical. Eso es lo que le sucede a Charlie. En Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate, Roald Dahl no sólo muesta su habitual sentido del humor. Su ingenio le lleva a realizar una de sus mejores críticas sobre el comportamiento humano.

Los cinco niños de esta historia son:

Augustus Gloop, un niño glotón.

Veruca Salt, una niña mimada por sus padres.

Violet Beauregarde, una niña que masca chicle todo el día.

Mike Teve, un niño que no hace más que mirar la televisión.

Y Charlie Bucket, el héroe.

A few words about book's author

Roald Dahl

Kids and adults alike love Roald Dahl’s deliciously wicked books. Loved for their gleefully evil villains and their often mischievous sensibility, Dahl’s books introduce us to fantastic creatures and bizarre places — and encourage our imaginations to run wild.


I have never met a boy who so persistently writes the exact opposite of what he means, a teacher once wrote in the young Roald Dahls report card. He seems incapable of marshaling his thoughts on paper. From such inauspicious beginnings emerged an immensely successful author whom The Evening Standard would one day dub one of the greatest childrens writers of all time. Dahl may have been an unenthusiastic student, but he loved adventure stories, and when he finished school he went out into the world to have some adventures of his own. He went abroad as a representative of the Shell corporation in Dar-es-Salaam, and then served in World War II as a pilot in the Royal Air Force. After the war, Dahl began his writing career in earnest, publishing two well-received collections of short stories for adults, along with one flop of a novel. The short stories, full of tension and subtle psychological horror, didnt seem to presage a childrens author. Malcolm Bradbury wrote in The New York Times Book Review, Dahls characters are usually ignoble: he knows the dog beneath the skin, or works hard to find it. Yet this talent for finding, and exposing, the nastier sides of grown-up behavior served him well in writing for children. As Dahl put it, Writing is all propaganda, in a sense. You can get at greediness and selfishness by making them look ridiculous. The greatest attribute of a human being is kindness, and all the other qualities like bravery and perseverance are secondary to that. In 1953, Dahl married the actress Patricia Neal; two of his early childrens books, James and the Giant Peach (1961) and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964) grew out of the bedtime stories he made up for their children. Elaine Moss, writing in the Times, called the latter the funniest childrens book I have read in years; not just funny but shot through with a zany pathos which touches the young heart. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a colossal hit. A film version starring Gene Wilder was released in 1971 (as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), while James and the Giant Peach was made into a movie in 1996. Dahl followed his initial successes with a string of bestsellers, including Danny, the Champion of the World, The Twits, The BFG, The Witches and Matilda. Some adults objected to the books violence — unpleasant characters (like James’s Aunts Sponge and Spiker) tend to get bumped off in grotesque and inventive ways — but Dahl defended his stories as part of a tradition of gruesome fairy tales in which mean people get what they deserve. These tales are pretty rough, but the violence is confined to a magical time and place, he said, adding that children like violent stories as long as theyre tied to fantasy and humor. By the time of his death in 1990, Dahls mischievous wit had captivated so many readers that The Times called him one of the most widely read and influential writers of our generation.

Good To Know

When Dahl was in school, he and his schoolmates occasionally served as new-product testers for the Cadbury chocolate company. Dahl used to dream of working in a chocolate manufacturers inventing room. He wrote in his autobiography, I have no doubt at all that, 35 years later, when I was looking for a plot for my second book for children, I remembered those little cardboard boxes and the newly invented chocolates inside them, and I began to write a book called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahls first book for children, The Gremlins (1943), was a story about the mythical creatures that sabotaged British planes. (Dahl claimed for most of his life that he had coined the term gremlins, but it had been in use by members of the Royal Air Force for years.) Walt Disney planned to use it as the basis for a movie, but the project was scrapped, and only 5,000 copies of the book were ever printed.

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