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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Jonathan Kellermans Victims.Once again, the depths of the criminal mind and the darkest side of a glittering city fuel #1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman’s brilliant storytelling. And ...

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Some brief overview of this book

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Jonathan Kellermans Victims.

Once again, the depths of the criminal mind and the darkest side of a glittering city fuel #1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman’s brilliant storytelling. And no one conducts a more harrowing and suspenseful manhunt than the modern Sherlock Holmes of the psyche, Dr. Alex Delaware.A tipsy young woman seeking aid on a desolate highway disappears into the inky black night. A retired schoolteacher is stabbed to death in broad daylight. Two women are butchered after closing time in a small-town beauty parlor. These and other bizarre acts of cruelty and psychopathology are linked only by the killer’s use of luxury vehicles and a baffling lack of motive. The ultimate whodunits, these crimes demand the attention of LAPD detective Milo Sturgis and his collaborator on the crime beat, psychologist Alex Delaware.

What begins with a solitary bloodstain in a stolen sedan quickly spirals outward in odd and unexpected directions, leading Delaware and Sturgis from the well-heeled center of L.A. society to its desperate edges; across the paths of commodities brokers and transvestite hookers; and as far away as New York City, where the search thaws out a long-cold case and exposes a grotesque homicidal crusade. The killer proves to be a fleeting shape-shifter, defying identification, leaving behind dazed witnesses and death–and compelling Alex and Milo to confront the true face of murderous madness.

A few words about book's author

Jonathan Kellerman is one of the world’s most popular authors. He has brought his expertise as a clinical psychologist to more than two dozen bestselling crime novels, including the Alex Delaware series, The Butcher’s Theater, Billy Straight, The Conspiracy Club, and Twisted. With his wife, the novelist Faye Kellerman, he co-authored the bestsellers Double Homicide and Capital Crimes. He is the author of numerous essays, short stories, scientific articles, two children’s books, and three volumes of psychology, including Savage Spawn: Reflections on Violent Children. He has won the Goldwyn, Edgar, and Anthony awards, and has been nominated for a Shamus Award. Jonathan and Faye Kellerman live in California and New Mexico. Their four children include the novelist Jesse Kellerman.

From the Paperback edition.


I like to say that as a psychologist I was concerned with the rules of human behavior, Jonathan Kellerman has said. As a novelist, Im concerned with the exceptions. Both roles are evident in Kellermans string of bestselling psychological thrillers, in which he probes the hidden corners of the human psyche with a clinicians expertise and a novelists dark imagination. Kellerman worked for years as a child psychologist, but his first love was writing, which he started doing at the age of nine. After reading Ross MacDonalds Lew Archer novels, however, Kellerman found his voice as a writer — and his calling as a suspense novelist. His first published novel, When the Bough Breaks, featured a child psychologist, Dr. Alex Delaware, who helps solve a murder case in which the only apparent witness is a traumatized seven-year-old girl. The book was an instant hit; as New Yorks Newsday raved, This knockout of an entertainment is the kind of book which establishes a career in one stroke. Kellerman has since written a slew more Alex Delaware thrillers; not surprisingly, the series hero shares much of Kellermans own background. The books often center on problems of family psychopathology—something Kellerman had ample chance to observe in his day job. The Delaware novels have also chronicled the shifting social and cultural landscape of Los Angeles, where Kellerman lives with his wife (who is also a health care practitioner-turned-novelist) and their four children. A prolific author who averages one book a year, Kellerman dislikes the suggestion that he simply cranks them out. He has a disciplined work schedule, and sits down to write in his office five days a week, whether he feels inspired or not. I sit down and start typing. I think its important to deromanticize the process and not to get puffed up about ones abilities, he said in a 1998 chat on Barnes & Writing fictions the greatest job in the world, but its still a job. All the successful novelists I know share two qualities: talent and a good work ethic. And he does plenty of research, drawing on medical databases and current journals as well as his own experience as a practicing psychologist. Then there are the field trips: before writing Monster, Kellerman spent time at a state hospital for the criminally insane. Kellerman has taken periodic breaks from his Alex Delaware series to produce highly successful stand-alone novels that he claims have helped him to gain some needed distance from the series characters. Its a testament to Kellermans storytelling powers that the series books and the stand-alones have both gone over well with readers; clearly, Kellermans appeal lies more in his dexterity than in his reliance on a formula. Often mystery writers can either plot like devils or create believable characters, wrote one USA Today reviewer. Kellerman stands out because he can do both. Masterfully.

Good To Know

Some outtakes from our interview with Jonathan Kellerman: I am the proud husband of a brilliant novelist, Faye Kellerman. I am the proud father of a brilliant novelist, Jesse Kellerman. And three lovely, gifted daughters, one of whom, Aliza, may turn out to be one of the greatest novelists/poets of this century. My first job was selling newspapers on a corner, age 12. Then I delivered liquor, age 16 — the most engaging part of that gig was schlepping cartons of bottles up stairways in building without elevators. Adding insult to injury, tips generally ranged from a dime to a quarter. And, I was too young to sample the wares. Subsequent jobs included guitar teacher, freelance musician, newspaper cartoonist, Sunday School teacher, youth leader, research/teaching assistant. All of that simplified when I was 24 and earned a Ph.D. in psychology. Another great job. Then novelist? Oh, my, an embarrassment of riches. Thank you, thank you, thank you, kind readers. Im the luckiest guy in the world. I paint, I play the guitar, I like to hang out with intelligent people whose thought processes arent by stereotype, punditry, political correctness, etc. But enough about me. The important thing is The Book. More fun facts: After Kellerman called his literary agent to say that his wife, Faye, had written a novel, the agent reluctantly agreed to take a look (Later, he told me his eyes rolled all the way back in his head, Kellerman said in an online chat). Two weeks later, a publisher snapped up Faye Kellermans first book, The Ritual Bath. Faye Kellerman has since written many more mysteries featuring L.A. cop Peter Decker and his wife Rina Lazarus, including the bestsellers Justice and Jupiters Bones. When Kellerman wrote When the Bough Breaks in 1981, crime novels featuring gay characters were nearly nonexistent, so Alex Delawares gay detective friend, Milo Sturgis, was a rarity. Kellerman admits it can be difficult for a straight writer to portray a gay character, but says the feedback hes gotten from readers — gay and straight — has been mostly positive. In his spare time, Kellerman is a musician who collects vintage guitars. He once placed the winning online auction bid for a guitar signed by Don Henley and his bandmates from the Eagles; proceeds from the sale were donated to the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas. In addition to his novels, Kellerman has written two childrens books and three nonfiction books, including Savage Spawn, about the backgrounds and behaviors of child psychopaths. But for a 1986 television adaptation of When the Bough Breaks, none of Kellermans work has yet made it to screen. I wish I could say that Hollywoods beating a path to my door, he said in a Barnes & chat in 1998, but the powers-that-be at the studios dont seem to feel that my books lend themselves to film adaptation. The most frequent problem cited is too much complexity.

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