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Consequences is a love-story-times-three that opens on the eve of the Second World War, with a chance meeting in St. Jamess Park, London. Wholly in love, Lorna and Matt leave the city for a cottage in a rural Somerset village. Their intimate life tog...

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Details of Consequences

Penguin Group (USA)
Publication date
Age range
18+ Years
Book language
Normal quality scanned pages
5.30 (w) x 7.40 (h) x 0.60 (d)

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Some brief overview of this book

Consequences is a love-story-times-three that opens on the eve of the Second World War, with a chance meeting in St. Jamess Park, London. Wholly in love, Lorna and Matt leave the city for a cottage in a rural Somerset village. Their intimate life together is shattered when the war begins and by Matts tragic death in action.

Twenty years later, their daughter, Molly, happens upon a forgotten newspaper—a seemingly small moment that leads to her first job and, eventually, a pregnancy by a wealthy man who wants to marry her but whom she does not love. But it is her own daughter, Ruth, who begins the journey that will take her back to 1941—and a redefinition of herself and of love.

Told in Livelys incomparable prose, Consequences is a powerful story of growth, death, and rebirth and a study of the previous century—its major and minor events, its shaping of public consciousness, and its changing of lives.

A few words about book's author

British actress and narrator Josephine Bailey has won ten AudioFile Earphones Awards and a prestigious Audie Award, and Publishers Weekly named her Best Female Narrator in 2002.

Good To Know

In her interview with Barnes &, Lively shared some fun facts about herself: I came late to writing — I was in my late 30s before I wrote anything. The years before that had been busy with small children, and I seem to have fallen into writing almost by accident. Since then, I have never stopped — books for children to begin with, then a period writing for both adults and children — short stories also — then for adults only when the childrens books, sadly, left me. It has been a busy 30 years, but because writing is a solitary activity and I like the company of others, I have also always had other involvements — with writers organizations such as Britains Society of Authors, with PEN, with the Royal Society of Literature, and, for six years, as a member of the Board of the British Library (the opposite number of the Library of Congress) which I regarded as a great privilege — what could be more important than the national archive? I have always been an avid user of libraries; like any writer, much of my inspiration comes from life as it is lived — what you see and hear and experience, but my novels have sprung from some abiding interest — the operation of memory, the effects of choice and contingency, the conflicting nature of evidence — and these concerns are fueled by reading: serendipitous and eclectic reading. I am first and foremost a reader myself. I dont think I could write if I wasnt constantly reading. I both wind and unwind by reading — stimulus and relaxation both. I used to love tramping the landscape, and gardening, but arthritis rules out both of those, so I do both vicariously through books. I live in the city now, but feel out of place — I have always before lived most of the time in the country: I miss wide skies, weather, seasons. Never mind, there are compensations, and London is a very different place from the pinched and bomb-shattered place to which I came as a schoolgirl in 1945 — now it is multicultural, polyglot, vibrant, unpredictable, in a state of constant change but with that bedrock of permanence that an old place always has. I like to escape from time to time — mainly to West Somerset, where we have a family cottage and I can admire my daughters garden — she has the gardening gene in a big way and is far more skilled than I ever was — bird-watch, walk a bit, talk to people Ive known for decades, and see the night sky crackling with the stars that the city blots out.

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