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Civilization is descending into the apocalypse: a deadly, extinction-level plague engineered by terrorists, international wars, and mankinds own innate depravity are about to take the world to the brink of collapse. Those are the last things Matt And...

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Details of Dead Reckoning

Publication date
Age range
18+ Years
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6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.80 (d)

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Some brief overview of this book

Civilization is descending into the apocalypse: a deadly, extinction-level plague engineered by terrorists, international wars, and mankinds own innate depravity are about to take the world to the brink of collapse. Those are the last things Matt Anderssen, a scientist stationed at a Top Secret missile test site on a remote Pacific island, knew before all contact with the outside world suddenly stopped.

Stranded on the idyllic tropical island that was his home and cut off from his wife and children by five thousand miles of ocean, Matt elicits the help of two loyal friends to find out what happened. Together, they defy the law and set out to sail across the Pacific Ocean to reunite with their loved ones-if theyre still alive, if anyone is still alive.

High seas, zombie-like pirates, severe storms, and terrible luck will test them physically. Hopelessness, anger, self-doubt and the pure horror of the disaster will test them mentally and emotionally. But against all odds and with the help of a woman they rescue along the way, they will make it to the mainland-and what they find there will be the ultimate test of survival.

Stretching from a tropical paradise to the dusty, squalid streets of a third-world island across the vast Pacific Ocean to a tattered North America, Dead Reckoning is a post-apocalyptic story of a man and his friends who will stop at nothing to save their families and each other.

A few words about book's author

Tom Wright has been a professional meteorologist since 1995. He also runs a weather and science blog called Dead Reckoning is his first novel.

Tom spent seven years forecasting weather for U.S. Department of Defense mission operations on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands and three years forecasting fire weather as an Incident Meteorologist (IMET) for the National Weather Service in Montana.

He has briefed military generals, delivered live forecasts and discussions on large market radio stations, been interviewed on CBS and NBC national news programs, and was featured in a three-part series on wildfire on The Weather Channel. He has done a lot of research (some of which has been published) and he has spoken at national meteorological conferences. His career has taken him to such places as the Marshall Islands, the Grand Canyon, Glacier and Yellowstone Nations Parks, and Wake Island.

In addition to spending a lot of his career in the Marshall Islands and Montana, he also spent two years forecasting weather out on the high plains of Kansas. In that short time he saw many supercells, two tornadoes, a blizzard, a record-breaking rainstorm, and countless other meteorological wonders. Many of these adventures have been detailed on his blog.

Toms primary interests are, obviously, science and weather, but Tom also enjoys reading, sports (especially football), spending time with his family.

He was born and raised on Vashon Island, WA and has been a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan since the day they were born. He currently lives with his wife and teenage kids in southwest Oregon.

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