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Scott Adams is a VERY tough act to follow. —Suzanne Tobin, Washington PostIn the tradition of The Complete Far Side and The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert 2.0 celebrates the 20th anniversary of Scott Adamss Dilbert, the touchstone of office humo...

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Some brief overview of this book

Scott Adams is a VERY tough act to follow. —Suzanne Tobin, Washington Post

In the tradition of The Complete Far Side and The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert 2.0 celebrates the 20th anniversary of Scott Adamss Dilbert, the touchstone of office humor.

This special slipcased collection-weighing in at more than ten pounds with 600 pages and featuring almost 4,000 strips-takes readers behind the scenes and into the early days of Scott Adamss life pre-Dilbert and on to the success that followed when Dilbert became an internationally syndicated sensation.

Divided into five different epochs, Dilbert 2.0 gives readers a glance at some of Adamss earliest strips, like those created for Playboy, and a peek at an abundance of special content ranging from numerous rejection letters to Adamss first cartooning check, and more.

Adams personally selected the material for this collection and offers original comments and humorous asides throughout. Also included is a disc that contains every Dilbert comic strip to April 2008.

A few words about book's author

Scott Adams

Before his comic creation Dilbert rose to fame as the champion of disgruntled office drones everywhere, Scott Adams was a lowly cube-dweller himself, toiling away at a string of thankless, low-paying corporate jobs. With the success of a franchise that includes dozens of books, as well as calendars, video games, and associated Dilbert-themed merchandise, it’s safe to say Adams won’t have to go back to the office grind anytime soon.


Back when he was a lowly office worker slaving under fluorescent lights and drinking bad coffee at an unsatisfying string of office jobs, Scott Adams would try to stave off some of the mind-numbing boredom he faced each day by doodling a little comic strip about a hapless office drone he called Dilbert. As he worked, Adams filed away the fodder for his fledgling comic strip. Today, Dilbert is officially an empire — and Adams is the CEO. Adams didnt start his career path intending to become a workplace warrior. As he told FamousVeggie.com, he graduated high-school as valedictorian because the other 39 people in my class couldnt spell ‘valedictorian. After earning a B.A. in economics at Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York, Adams went on to earn an M.B.A. at the University of California at Berkeley. Adding an interesting twist to his education, he also managed to pick up a Certified Hypnotist diploma from the Clement School of Hypnosis in 1981. After college, during his often-brief tenure at a series of low-paying, low-on-the-totem-pole jobs at corporations from Crocker National Bank in San Francisco to Pacific Bell in San Ramon, Adams started to wonder if his sanity-saving doodles really could rescue him from a life spent working for The Man. Acting on a tip from a kindly fellow cartoonist, he picked up the 1988 Artist Markets guide and simply followed the instructions on how to get syndicated. He mailed out fifty sample Dilbert strips, and was offered a contract by United Media within weeks. Adamss first attempt writing an actual book was 1996s The Dilbert Principle, which became a number one New York Times bestseller and one of the top-selling business books of all time. More than just a compilation of Adamss cartoons, the book included essays on the trials and tribulations of corporate culture. Each one is on target and deliciously sardonic, said Booklist in its review. Sometimes too true to be funny. Today, the strip continues its clip as the fastest-growing cartoon of all time, and is enjoyed daily by 150 million people in 1,900 newspapers, in 56 countries. Transitioning from comic compilations to full books was a challenge for Adams. As he admitted to Salon.com, Drawing the comic strip is fun — it can actually increase my energy. I feel good when Im doing it, and I feel good when its done. But writing just sucks the energy right out of me. I find that after about an hour of writing sometimes I have to jump on the floor and fall asleep, right now. Its so much harder than it looks. When hes not helping Dilbert bring a smile to the faces of the working wounded, Adams moonlights as a restaurateur, running two successful Staceys Cafés in Northern California. He has also founded the Scott Adams Foods company, home of the Dilberito™ — a protein-packed burrito perfect for the office microwave.

Good To Know

Adams describes himself as a a cat-loving, vegetarian tennis player. His past jobs include bank teller, computer programmer, financial analyst, product manager, loan officer, corporate strategist, and pseudo-engineer. Says Adams, I was incompetent in each of those fields, but for some reason no one ever noticed.

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