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The move from New Jersey to Hilton Head, South Carolina, wasnt easy for the Russo family—difficult enough for Big Al and Connie, but even harder for their daughter Maria Graziella, who insists on being called Grace. At thirty-one and still, shockingl...

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HarperCollins Publishers
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18+ Years
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Some brief overview of this book

The move from New Jersey to Hilton Head, South Carolina, wasnt easy for the Russo family—difficult enough for Big Al and Connie, but even harder for their daughter Maria Graziella, who insists on being called Grace. At thirty-one and still, shockingly, unmarried, Grace has scandalized her staunchly traditional Italian family by moving in with her boyfriend Michael—who, though a truly great guy, is agnostic, commitment-phobic, a scientist, and (horror of horrors) Irish!

Grace adores her parents even though they drive her crazy—and she knows theyd love Michael if they got to know him, but Big Al wont let him into their house. And so the stage is set for a major showdown—which, along with a devastating, unexpected crisis and, perhaps, a miracle or two, just might change Graces outlook on love, family, and her new life in the new South.

A few words about book's author

New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank was born and raised on Sullivans Island, South Carolina. She divides her time between the New York area and the Lowcountry.


An author who has helped to put the South Carolina Lowcountry on the literary map, Dorothea Benton Frank hasnt always lived near the ocean, but the Sullivans Island native has a powerful sense of connection to her birthplace. Even after marrying a New Yorker and settling in New Jersey, she returned to South Carolina regularly for visits, until her mother died and she and her siblings had to sell their family home. It was very upsetting, she told the Raleigh News & Observer. Suddenly, I couldnt come back and walk into my mothers house. I was grieving. After her mothers death, writing down her memories of home was a private, therapeutic act for Frank. But as her stack of computer printouts grew, she began to try to shape them into a novel. Eventually a friend introduced her to the novelist Fern Michaels, who helped her polish her manuscript and find an agent for it. Published in 2000, Franks first Lowcountry tale, Sullivans Island made it to the New York Times bestseller list. Its quirky characters and tangled family relationships drew comparisons to the works of fellow southerners Anne Rivers Siddons and Pat Conroy (both of whom have provided blurbs for Franks books). But while Conroys novels are heavily angst-ridden, Frank sweetens her dysfunctional family tea with humor and a gabby, just-between-us-girls tone. To her way of thinking, theres a gap between serious literary fiction and standard beach-blanket fare that needs to be filled. I dont always want to read serious fiction, Frank explained to The Sun News of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. But when I read fiction thats not serious, I dont want to read brain candy. Entertain me, for Gods sake. Since her debut, she has faithfully followed her own advice, entertaining thousands of readers with books Pat Conroy calls hilarious and wise and characters Booklist describes as sassy and smart,. These days, Frank has a house of her own on Sullivans Island, where she spends part of each year. The first thing I do when I get there is take a walk on the beach, she admits. Evidently, this transplanted Lowcountry gal is staying in touch with her soul.

Good To Know

Before she started writing, Frank worked as a fashion buyer in New York City. She is also a nationally recognized volunteer fundraiser for the arts and education, and an advocate of literacy programs and womens issues.

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