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  • Published: Sep 05, 2015
  • Reviews: 238

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“Are you ready for our trip tonight?” Simon’s mom asked._25E2_2580_259CMom, it_25E2_2580_2599s a cemetery._25E2_2580_259D_25E2_2580_259CI know. Isn_25E2_2580_2599t it [email protected]_25E2_2580_259D Mom_25E2_2580_2599s face lit up. _25E2_2580_259CLots of...

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6 - 8 Years
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Some brief overview of this book

“Are you ready for our trip tonight?” Simon’s mom asked.

_25E2_2580_259CMom, it_25E2_2580_2599s a cemetery._25E2_2580_259D

_25E2_2580_259CI know. Isn_25E2_2580_2599t it [email protected]_25E2_2580_259D Mom_25E2_2580_2599s face lit up. _25E2_2580_259CLots of famous people are there._25E2_2580_259D

“But only dead people live in a cemetery,” said Simon.

_25E2_2580_259CNow, Simon. You know there_25E2_2580_2599s no such thing as ghosts,_25E2_2580_259D sa0B36BDB45B

Are there such things as ghosts? And what will Simon find in the cemetery at midnight?

Read this creepy tale to find out!

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A few words about book author

Jeannie Meekins is an Australian writer who lives with her children and a couple of cats who think t085E919D1B

Melissa Cleeman lives with three cats and three brothers, a dog and a couple of parents. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys writing as well as illustrating, reading and doing sudokus. She hopes that this book will be the first of many to illustrate.

uch things as ghosts? And what will Simon find in the cemetery at midnight?

Read this creepy tale to find out!

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