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_25C2_2593Feist has the universe firmly under his control._25C2_2594—Contra Costa Times_25C2_2593Feist has a natural talent for keeping the reader turning pages._25C2_2594—Chicago-Sun TimesMidkemia’s fifth and final Riftwar—the devastating Chaoswar—e...

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Details of A Kingdom Besieged (Chaoswar Saga Series #1)

HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date
Age range
18+ Years
Book language
Normal quality scanned pages
5.80 (w) x 9.10 (h) x 1.10 (d)

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Some brief overview of this book

_25C2_2593Feist has the universe firmly under his control._25C2_2594

—Contra Costa Times

_25C2_2593Feist has a natural talent for keeping the reader turning pages._25C2_2594

—Chicago-Sun Times

Midkemia’s fifth and final Riftwar—the devastating Chaoswar—explodes in the opening volume of Raymond E. Feist’s spectacular new epic fantasy trilogy of magic, conflict, and world-shattering peril. A Kingdom Besieged is a breathtaking adventure that brings back Pug—first introduced in Feist’s classic debut novel, Magician, and now Midkemia’s most powerful sorcerer—who faces a major magical cataclysm that forces him to question everything he’s ever held as true and dear…including the loyalty of his beloved son Magnus. The Chaoswar promises to be the crowning achievement in the three decades-long career of a New York Times bestselling master fantasist who rules the sword and sorcery universe along with Terry Goodkind, George R. R. Martin, and Terry Brooks.

A few words about book's author

Raymond E. Feists previous novels include the first volume in the Demonwar Saga, Rides a Dread Legion, the Darkwar Saga (Flight of the Nighthawks, Into a Dark Realm, and Wrath of a Mad God); the Conclave of Shadows (Talon of the Silver Hawk, King of Foxes, and Exiles Return); the Riftwar Legacy (Krondor: The Betrayal; Krondor: The Assassins; and Krondor: Tear of the Gods); the Serpentwar Saga (Shadow of a Dark Queen, Rise of a Merchant Prince, Rage of a Demon King, and Shards of a Broken Crown); the Riftwar Saga (Magician, Silverthorn, and A Darkness at Sethanon); Faerie Tale; The Prince of the Blood; and The Kings Buccaneer. He lives in San Diego, California.

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