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Ellis, the American. Jean-Pierre, the Frenchman. They were two men on opposite sides of the cold war, with a woman torn between them. Together, they formed a triangle of passion and deception, racing from terrorist bombs in Paris to the violence and ...

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Details of Lie Down with Lions

Penguin Group (USA)
Publication date
Age range
18+ Years
Book language
Low quality scanned pages
4.20 (w) x 6.80 (h) x 1.10 (d)

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Some brief overview of this book

Ellis, the American. Jean-Pierre, the Frenchman. They were two men on opposite sides of the cold war, with a woman torn between them. Together, they formed a triangle of passion and deception, racing from terrorist bombs in Paris to the violence and intrigue of Afghanistan—to the moment of truth and deadly decision for all of them…

A few words about book's author

Ken Follett is the author of numerous international bestsellers, including Jackdaws, Hornet Flight, Code to Zero, Triple, Eye of the Needle, Pillars of the Earth, and A Dangerous Fortune. He lives in England.


As a young boy growing up in Cardiff, Wales, Ken Folletts love for all things literary began early on. The son of devoutly religious parents who didnt allow their children to watch television or even listen to the radio, Follett found himself drawn to the library. It soon became his favorite place — its shelves full of stories providing his escape, and ultimately, his inspiration. Folletts more formal education took place years later at Londons University College, where he studied philosophy — a choice that, as he explains on his official Web site, he believes guided his career as an author. There is a real connection between philosophy and fiction, Follet explains. In philosophy you deal with questions like: ‘Were sitting at this table, but is the table real? A daft question, but in studying philosophy, you need to take that sort of thing seriously and have an off-the-wall imagination. Writing fiction is the same. After graduating in 1970, a journalism class touched off Folletts career as a writer. He started out covering beats for the South Wales Echo, and later wrote a column for Londons Evening News. Becoming more and more interested in writing fiction on evenings and weekends, however, Follett soon realized that books were his true business, and in 1974 he went to work for Everest Books, a humble London publishing house. After releasing a few of his own novels to less than thunderous acclaim —including The Shakeout (1975) and Paper Money (1977) — Follett finally hit it big with 1978s Eye of the Needle. The taut, edgy thriller with more than a dash of sex appeal flew off the shelves, winning the Edgar award and allowing Follett to quit his job and get to work on his next book, Triple. Showing no signs of a sophomore slump, Triple went on to spark a string of bestselling spy thrillers, including The Key to Rebecca (1980), The Man from St. Petersburg (1982), and Lie Down with Lions (1986). 1983s On Wings of Eagles was an interesting departure — a nonfiction account of how two of Ross Perots employees were rescued from Iran in 1979. Follett changed direction even more sharply in 1989, surprising fans with The Pillars of the Earth — a novel set in the Middle Ages many critics considered his crowning achievement. A novel of majesty and power, said The Chicago Sun-Times of Folletts epic story. It will hold you, fascinate you, surround you. Folletts next three books were a trio considered to be more suspenseful than thrill-filled — Night Over Water (1991), A Dangerous Fortune (1993) and A Place Called Freedom (1995), but The Third Twin (1996) and The Hammer of Eden (1998) marked a return to Folletts trademark capers. The wartime novels Code to Zero (2000) and Jackdaws (2001) showcased Folletts unique ability to tell stories of international conflict and tell them well, according to Larry King in USA Today. Follett hits the mark again (Publishers Weekly) with his latest story of international intrigue, Hornet Flight (2002) — the WWII story of a young couple trying to escape occupied Denmark in a rebuilt Hornet Moth biplane who become unwitting carriers of top-secret information. In a way, Folletts smash-hit success has allowed him to give back to the library of Cardiff, Wales — by filling its shelves with his own transporting tales.

Good To Know

Eye of the Needle was made into a major motion picture, and four of Folletts books have been made into television mini-series: The Key to Rebecca, Lie Down with Lions, On Wings of Eagles and The Third Twin — the rights for which were sold to CBS for the record sum of $1,400,000. A very civic-minded soul, Follett is quite involved in his Hertfordshire community, serving as President of the Dyslexia Institute, Council Member of the National Literacy Trust, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Chair of Governors of the Roebuck Primary School & Nursery, Patron of Stevenage Home-Start, director of the Stevenage Leisure Ltd. and Vice-President of the Stevenage Borough Football club.

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