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From the extraordinary Neal Stephenson comes an epic adventure that spans entire worlds, both real and virtual.The black sheep of an Iowa farming clan, former draft dodger and successful marijuana smuggler Richard Forthrast amassed a small fortune ov...

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Some brief overview of this book

From the extraordinary Neal Stephenson comes an epic adventure that spans entire worlds, both real and virtual.

The black sheep of an Iowa farming clan, former draft dodger and successful marijuana smuggler Richard Forthrast amassed a small fortune over the years—and then increased it a thousandfold when he created TRain. A massive, multibillion-dollar, multiplayer online role-playing game, TRain now has millions of obsessed fans from the U.S. to China. But a small group of ingenious Asian hackers has just unleashed Reamde—a virus that encrypts all of a players electronic files and holds them for ransom—which has unwittingly triggered a war thats creating chaos not only in the virtual universe but in the real one as well. Its repercussions will be felt all around the globe—setting in motion a devastating series of events involving Russian mobsters, computer geeks, secret agents, and Islamic terrorists—with Forthrast standing at ground zero and his loved ones caught in the crossfire.

A few words about book's author

Neal Stephenson is the author of seven previous novels. He lives in Seattle, Washington.


In Neal Stephensons 1992 novel Snow Crash, human beings can immerse themselves in a computer-generated universe, and computer viruses can infect human bodies. This blurring of the boundaries between silicon and flesh seems characteristic of Stephenson, a writer whose interests in technology and engineering are inseparable from his skills as a storyteller. Here is a novelist who talks about the data management problem of writing a historical novel, and who apologizes for not responding to fan mail by explaining that he has an irremediable numerical imbalance between outgoing and incoming bandwidth. Indeed, Stephenson seems to have a computer metaphor for almost every aspect of the writing life, even when hes not using a computer to write. He wrote the manuscript for Quicksilver in longhand, using a fountain pen. With this slower method of putting words to paper, he explained in an interview with Tech Central Station, Its like when youre writing, theres a kind of buffer in your head where the next sentence sits while youre outputting the last one. Paper, Stephenson adds, is a really good technology. As the author of Snow Crash, Stephenson became a cult hero to cyberpunk fans and an inspiration to Silicon Valley start-ups. His Metaverse was the Internet as cutting-edge carnival, a freewheeling digital universe where a pizza-delivery driver could become a samurai warrior. This is cyberpunk as it ought to be, and almost never is, wrote David Barrett in New Scientist. Stephenson followed Snow Crash with The Diamond Age, which Publishers Weekly described as simultaneously SF, fantasy and a masterful political thriller. Stephenson then broke out of the science fiction genre with Cryptonomicon, a 928-page doorstop of a book that drew comparisons to Pynchons Gravitys Rainbow. Cryptonomicon interweaves two cryptography-themed plots, one set in the 1990s and the other during World War II. What cyberculture needs right now is not another science-fiction novel but its first great historical novel, and Cryptonomicon is it: an intimate genealogical portrait of the 20th centurys computer geeks, great and small, and of the technosocial landscape they have more and less knowingly shaped, wrote Julian Dibbell in The Village Voice. Hefty though it is, Cryptonomicon is a quick read compared to Stephensons Baroque Cycle, which begins with Quicksilver and continues in two more volumes, The Confusion and The System of the World. In Quicksilver, a historical novel set in the 17th century, Stephenson explores many of the roots of modern science, mixing meditations on calculus, chemistry and cryptography with a cast of oddball characters (and many of the real-life historical figures, including Isaac Newton, turn out to be very odd indeed). At first it feels like Stephenson is flaunting how much time he spent at the library, but the lure of the next wisecracking history lesson becomes the most compelling reason to keep going, wrote Slate reviewer Paul Boutin. So how did Stephenson manage all that historical data? I started with a bunch of notebooks, just composition books, in which I would write notes down in chronological order as I read a particular book, or what have you, he explained in an interview on his publishers Web site. Those are always there, and I can go back to them and look stuff up even when its otherwise lost. Then, Ive got timelines and timetables showing what happens when in the story. Ive spent a while monkeying around with three ring binders, in which I glue pages here and there trying to figure out how to sequence things. Its a big mess. Its a big pile of stationery. Many trips to the office supply store, and many failed attempts. But in the end, as long as you can keep it in your head, thats the easiest way to manage something like this. You can move things around inside your head more easily than you can shuffle papers or cross things out on a page and rewrite them. The three-pound processor inside the authors head, as it turns out, is a really good technology. Good To Know

Stephenson comes from a family of scientists: His father is a professor of electrical engineering, and his mother worked in a biochemistry lab. Both his grandfathers were science professors. Stephenson himself majored in geography at Boston University, because the geography department had the coolest computers. Stephenson co-wrote two political thrillers, Interface and The Cobweb, under the pseudonym Stephen Bury with his uncle George Jewsbury (whose own nom de plume is J. Frederick George). The whole idea was that Stephen Bury would be a successful thriller writer and subsidize my pathetic career under the name Neal Stephenson, he told Locus magazine. It ended up going the other way. I would guess most of the people who have bought the Stephen Bury books have done so because they know Ive written them. It just goes to show theres no point in trying to plan your career. In the Beginning... Was the Command Line, Stephensons book-length essay on computer operating systems, complains that graphical user interfaces distort the users understanding of computer operations. On his current Web site, Stephenson dubs the essay badly obsolete and notes: For the last couple of years I have been a Mac OX user almost exclusively.

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