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Its 1953 in Red-baiting, blacklisting Los Angeles, a moral tar pit ready to swallow Easy Rawlins. Easy is out of the hurting business and into the housing (and the favor) business when a racist IRS agent nails him for tax evasion. FBI Special Agent D...

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Some brief overview of this book

Its 1953 in Red-baiting, blacklisting Los Angeles, a moral tar pit ready to swallow Easy Rawlins. Easy is out of the hurting business and into the housing (and the favor) business when a racist IRS agent nails him for tax evasion. FBI Special Agent Darryl T. Craxton offers to bail him out if he agrees to infiltrate the First African Baptist Church and spy on alleged communist union organizer Chaim Wenzler. Thats when the murders begin...

A few words about book's author

Walter Mosley is the New York Times bestselling author of five Easy Rawlins mysteries: Devil in A Blue Dress, A Red Death, White Butterfly, Black Betty, and A Little Yellow Dog; three non-mystery novels, Blue Light, Gone Fishin, and R. L.s Dream; two collections of stories featuring Socrates Fortlow, Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned, for which he received the Anisfield Wolf Award, and which was an HBO movie; and a nonfiction book, Workin On The Chain Gang. Mosley is also the author of the Leonid McGill, and Fearless Jones mystery series, The Tempest Tales and Six Easy Pieces. He is a former president of the Mystery Writers of America, a founder of the PEN American Center Open Book Committee, and is on the board of directors of the National Book Awards. A native of Los Angeles, he now lives in New York City.


When President Bill Clinton announced that Walter Mosley was one of his favorite writers, Black Betty (1994), Mosleys third detective novel featuring African American P.I. Easy Rawlins, soared up the bestseller lists. Its little wonder Clinton is a fan: Mosleys writing, an edgy, atmospheric blend of literary and pulp fiction, is like nobody elses. Some of his books are detective fiction, some are sci-fi, and all defy easy categorization. Mosley was born in Los Angeles, traveled east to college, and found his way into writing fiction by way of working as a computer programmer, caterer, and potter. His first Easy Rawlins book, Gone Fishin didnt find a publisher, but the next, Devil in a Blue Dress (1990) most certainly did — and the world was introduced to a startlingly different P.I. Part of the success of the Easy Rawlins series is Mosleys gift for character development. Easy, who stumbles into detective work after being laid off by the aircraft industry, ages in real time in the novels, marries, and experiences believable financial troubles and successes. In addition, Mosleys ability to evoke atmosphere — the dangers and complexities of life in the toughest neighborhoods of Los Angeles — truly shines. His treatment of historic detail (the Rawlins books take place in Los Angeles from the 1940s to the mid-1960s) is impeccable, his dialogue fine-tuned and dead-on. In 2002, Mosley introduced a new series featuring Fearless Jones, an Army vet with a rigid moral compass, and his friend, a used-bookstore owner named Paris Minton. The series is set in the black neighborhoods of 1950s L.A. and captures the racial climate of the times. Mosley himself summed up the first book, 2002s Fearless Jones, as comic noir with a fringe of social realism. Despite the success of his bestselling crime series, Mosley is a writer who resolutely resists pigeonholing. He regularly pens literary fiction, short stories, essays, and sci-fi novels, and he has made bold forays into erotica, YA fiction, and political polemic. I didnt start off being a mystery writer, he said in an interview with NPR. Theres many things that I am. Fans of this talented, genre-bending author could not agree more!

Good To Know

Mosley won a Grammy award in 2002 in the category of Best Album Notes for Richard Pryor.... And Its Deep, Too! The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings (1968-1992). Mosley is an avid potter in his spare time. In our 2004 interview, Mosley reveals: I was a computer programmer for 15 years before publishing my first book. I am an avid collector of comic books. And I believe that war is rarely the answer, especially not for its innocent victims.

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