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As Byatt observes in her new intro. to this volume, FitzGeralds 19th-century lyrical translation of Omar Khayyams Rubaiyat forever changed the landscape of English poetry. FitzGeralds own verse — delicate & piercing, with a mixture of hedonis...

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Some brief overview of this book

As Byatt observes in her new intro. to this volume, FitzGeralds 19th-century lyrical translation of Omar Khayyams Rubaiyat forever changed the landscape of English poetry. FitzGeralds own verse — delicate & piercing, with a mixture of hedonism & melancholy — adapted itself well to what he perceived to be Khayyams original intent: to revel in the pleasures of the moment, forsake the folly of attempting to control ones life, & disavow religious succor outright. In FitzGeralds hands the Persian poets brief, evocative verses — some 800 years old at the time — became a cohesive whole. Illustrated by Edmund Dulac.

Omar Khayyam (1048-1122) was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who was not known as a poet in his lifetime. These verses lay in obscurity until 1859, when FitzGerald published a free adapation of this Persian poetry. As a result, The Rubaiyat became one of the best-known and most often quoted English classics.

A few words about book's author

Omar Khayyám was a Persian polymath, mathematician, philosopher, astronomer, physician, and poet. He also wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, and music. He has also become established as one of the major mathematicians and astronomers of the medieval period. Recognized as the author of the most important treatise on algebra before modern times as reflected in his Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra giving a geometric method for solving cubic equations by intersecting a hyperbola with a circle. He also contributed to the calendar reform and may have proposed a heliocentric theory well before Copernicus. His significance as a philosopher and teacher, and his few remaining philosophical works, have not received the same attention as his scientific and poetic writings. Zamakhshari referred to him as the philosopher of the world. Many sources have also testified that he taught for decades the philosophy of Ibn Sina in Nishapur where Khayyám lived most of his life, died, and was buried and where his mausoleum remains today a masterpiece of Iranian architecture visited by many people every year. Outside Iran and Persian speaking countries, Khayyám has had impact on literature and societies through translation and works of scholars. The greatest such impact was in English-speaking countries; the English scholar Thomas Hyde (1636-1703) was the first non-Persian to study him. However the most influential of all was Edward FitzGerald (1809-83) who made Khayyám the most famous poet of the East in the West through his celebrated translation and adaptations of Khayyáms rather small number of quatrains (rubaiyaas) in Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

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