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  • Published: Sep 05, 2015
  • Reviews: 513

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Book ten in the New York Times bestselling seriesIt is the 31st millennium, and mankind has spread across the galaxy. When Horus the Warmaster rebelled against the Emperor, the ensuing civil war nearly destroyed the Imperium. War raged across...

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Games Workshop
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18+ Years
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Book ten in the New York Times bestselling series

It is the 31st millennium, and mankind has spread across the galaxy. When Horus the Warmaster rebelled against the Emperor, the ensuing civil war nearly destroyed the Imperium. War raged across galaxy, pitting Astartes against their battle-brothers in a struggle where death was the only victor. This collection features stories of heroism and tragedy set during this turbulent time, by star Horus Heresy authors Dan Abnett, Graham McNeill, James Swallow and more.

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A few words about book author

Nick Kyme is a writer and editor. He lives in Nottingham where he began a career at Games Workshop on White Dwarf magazine as a staff writer and journalist. Nicks writing credits include the Warhammer 40,000 Tome of Fire trilogy featuring the Salamanders, Fall of Damnos, the Space Marine Battles novel, his Warhammer Fantasy-based dwarf novels and several short stories. He has also penned several short stories for the New York Times bestselling Horus Heresy series.

James Swallow and more.

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