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In the tradition of The Quiet Game and Turning Angel comes Unwritten Laws, the new Penn Cage novel by Greg Iles, and a stunning sequel to the best-selling The Devil’s Punchbowl.This is classic Greg Iles territory, where the South’s past and present l...

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Some brief overview of this book

In the tradition of The Quiet Game and Turning Angel comes Unwritten Laws, the new Penn Cage novel by Greg Iles, and a stunning sequel to the best-selling The Devil’s Punchbowl.

This is classic Greg Iles territory, where the South’s past and present lie eternally entangled; where the sins of the father pass unerringly from generation to generation; and where a murder from yesteryear finds new life – and victims – in the present.

In Unwritten Laws Penn Cage faces a son’s worst nightmare – having his father stand accused of murder. Worse, each effort to defend the legendary Dr. Tom Cage unearths new, shocking secrets, leaving Penn to question whether he ever really knew his father at all.

At issue is the murder of Viola Turner, once Tom Cage’s nurse, long a woman transplanted to Chicago, now back in Natchez and a corpse in her sister’s house.

Penn’s old nemesis, district attorney Shad Johnson, is quick to point the finger at Tom Cage, citing Tom’s decades-old relationship with his ex-nurse. Penn and Caitlin leap to Tom’s defense, but are shocked when Tom Cage refuses to speak on the matter, even to defend himself.

Tom is taken into custody, leaving Penn and Caitlin alone to explore the dangerous territory of Tom Cage and Viola Turner’s shared history, set squarely in the most harrowing years of civil-rights-era Mississippi.

What was the relationship between Tom, Viola, and the “Double Eagle Club,” an ultra-violent group of hardened men who considered themselves smarter, tougher, and more elite than their peers in the FBI-infiltrated Ku Klux Klan?

In Natchez, where the past is never truly “past,” long-buried secrets tend to turn lethal when exposed to the light of day. For Penn Cage, the cost of solving this case will be no exception. Confronted not only by the still living remaining members of the Double-Eagle Club, but their much more dangerous sons, Penn Cage and his girl friend Caitlin will be in more danger than ever before. By the end of Volume One, Penn Cage’s world will be torn apart.

A few words about book's author

Greg Iles was born in 1960 in Germany. He founded the band Frankly Scarlet, plays guitar for the Rock Bottom Remainders, and is the New York Times bestselling author of nine novels, including Blood Memory and 24 Hours. He lives in Natchez, Mississippi.


Greg Iles has led a sort of double life as a novelist. His first books, based on extrapolations from real events in World War II, earned him an initial following, but his very modern crime novels are what currently hold his — and his readers — focus. His tight pacing and chilling, innovative concepts have made him especially attractive to Hollywood, which has optioned and/or expressed interest in several of his books. Iless first novel, Spandau Phoenix, was about the secret escape of a Nazi soldier and the chilling plot related in his discovered diaries. It was a mixed success critically, earning praise for its premise but low marks on style. Since then, Iles has clearly developed as a novelist, and branched out in themes too. With his second novel, Black Cross, Iles displayed more of a voice and more streamlined plotting in his story of a conspiracy to use the Nazis own weapons against them. Those first two titles did become bestsellers; but by the time Iles shifted gears to write crime thrillers set in his native Mississippi, he found himself getting even more attention — and better reviews. His next two books, Mortal Fear and The Quiet Game, remain his personal favorites. Iles was born in Stuttgart, Germany, where his father was in charge of the medical clinic at the U.S. Embassy, in 1961. He graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1983 and played guitar in a rock band for several years before trying his hand at writing novels. Moving from screenplays to thrillers to speculative historical fiction, Iles continues to stretch as a writer. He also indulges his love for music (he once played guitar in the band Frankly Scarlet) by performing with the Rock Bottom Remainders, an author side project that includes writers Stephen King, Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, and Amy Tan

Good To Know

After graduation from college, Iles worked as an x-ray and lab technician for his father, dug ditches, and worked as a professional guitarist and singer. Iles has the ability to be gloomily prophetic, but not intentionally. In an online chat in 1997, a fan pointed out that some real-life Internet-related murders had followed his Mortal Fear. Iles responded: A lot of my books have been that way. My World War II thriller about Sarin gas Black Cross was published two months before the Sarin attack in the Japanese subway. There are very weird coincidences out there. And I do have one surefire plot I have not and probably never will write, because of my fear someone will carry it out. Iless wife is a high-school sweetheart whom he married when he was 29.

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