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Location: The living area of one of the elite members of the Friday Night Dungeon and Dragons Club.Setting: The air is cold and the only light comes from the smoky torch, a handheld bull’s eye lantern and a glowing gem.Action: Within minutes the five...

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Some brief overview of this book

Location: The living area of one of the elite members of the Friday Night Dungeon and Dragons Club.

Setting: The air is cold and the only light comes from the smoky torch, a handheld bull’s eye lantern and a glowing gem.

Action: Within minutes the five men and women begin to fidget.

As the bickering and somewhat repulsive Dungeon and Dragons Players leave for the night their characters come to life. With each breath the adventurers voice their anger at their lot in the Game. From their Player’s choice of names to their impractical choice of clothing, these characters have suffered cruel and unusual punishment and they are determined that it will now end. But before they can begin their new lives, a Lich King needs to be slaughtered, treasure needs to be plundered and cool good stuff needs to be kept out of the hand of the credit-stealing Players.

The first tale of the Lost and Forlorn

A few words about book's author

Fantasy Writer

Hi all, this is K.D. Nielson … and welcome to my …. mind.

I am a full time writer in search of a publisher, so I have to work at my day job to pay the bills. I have been writing and telling stories now for over 30 years.

Since the 11,000+ earthquakes here in Christchurch, I have been free to indulge in my greatest passion, telling stories, while the city starts to get back on its feet. I have drawn on my experiences these past months (seems like years) of awful earthquakes, the years serving as a prison officer, and my time in the US Navy as part of Operation Deep Freeze, making seven deployments to Antarctica. Yes, in spite of everything, I am still sane. I have drawn on my daily experiences in these jobs and the different facets of everyday life, as material for my books.

I have a wealth of intrigue, love, betrayal, war and heroic deeds just waiting for an avid reader. I have finished several books in the world I have created. They are just waiting to be discovered by that right someone, hopefully a publisher. All my books are available on Amazon through Kindle, and Createspaces print on demand.

I am married to a lovely English girl, a schoolteacher, and we have three sons, one which seems to keep coming back, kind of cramps my style. My wife has donated (sometimes gang pressed might be more like it) hours of her valuable time helping me with editing and reading manuscripts, and being very patient with all my questions, some of them might be, well … dumb.

I have also been working with a like-minded friend who is a fantasy fan and a very good writer in her own right. She is also a renowned artist and in conjunction with another project connected to my books, she is working on sketches of the characters and creatures of my world.

For more information on my books go to http_3A//

Thank you for bearing with me while I rabbit on ... I challenge you, step into my mind ….you might like it so much ... you may not want to leave.

KD Nielson

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