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Once she was a soldier for the Light, the prophesied savior who would decide the outcome of the eternal conflict raging unseen in the dark corners of her glittering hometown. Now Joanna Archer is just another mortal—still born of an impossible union ...

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HarperCollins Publishers
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18+ Years
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Some brief overview of this book

Once she was a soldier for the Light, the prophesied savior who would decide the outcome of the eternal conflict raging unseen in the dark corners of her glittering hometown. Now Joanna Archer is just another mortal—still born of an impossible union of Shadow and Light . . . still hunted by both—and carrying the unborn child of a lover held captive by a depraved demon goddess. Joining forces with a band of rogue Shadow agents, Joannas ready to storm the stronghold of her demonic foe, risking everything to enter this ghastly, godforsaken realm where the price of admission is her eternal soul. Because in a world that has stripped her of her power, identity, and fortune, Joanna has nothing left to lose—except her baby, her future, and the epic war poised to consume the city.

A few words about book's author

Vicki Pettersson is the New York Times bestselling author of the Sign of the Zodiac novels, a six-book urban fantasy series set in her hometown of Las Vegas. Though shell always consider that glittering dust bowl home, she now divides her time between Vegas and Dallas, where shes learning to like good Tex-Mex (easy) and the Dallas Cowboys (easier than youd think).


Las Vegas native Vicki Pettersson always loved to write, but a post-college stint in public relations convinced her that working on assignment was not the career for her; so she did what any self-respecting Vegas girl would do: she became a showgirl by night... and a closet novelist by day. A decade later she also became an instant bestseller with the back-to-back releases in her dark urban fantasy series, The Scent of Shadows and The Taste of Night. Shell appear in Novembers Holidays Are Hell anthology, and The Touch of Twilight: The Third Sign of the Zodiac will follow in June 2008. Author biography courtesy of Eon.

Good To Know

Some fun and fascinating excerpts from our interview with Pettersson: I used to be a Las Vegas showgirl. In fact, dancing in the Folies Bergere at night was what enabled me to write during the day. It gave me the time and space to learn and grow, and at the end of the day I could pack away the laptop and go hang with my friends in the lights and sequins and feathers. It was a great way to spend my 20s, and the perfect compliment to the sedentary writers lifestyle. So thats my real advice to aspiring authors: expose yourself nightly to thousands of strangers! It worked for me! I was born and raised in Las Vegas, which Ive found is even more interesting to people than my having been a showgirl. (No, I did not live in a hotel growing up!) It was a drastically different scene back then, and rather boring because there wasnt a whole lot for kids to do. Before the Mirage was built in 1989 it was pretty much a small town with a big, bright bulge in the middle, like a snake thatd swallowed a light bulb. Like other locals, I can still reach down past the glitter and the fast pace, and trace the remnants of that small town like the lines on my palm. Its still there, if you know where to look. Being a mother has made me a better writer. My baby has made me faster and bolder and smarter, and taught me I can do things I might never have attempted before. An odd fact of motherhood is that youll do things for your child that youd never do — or ask for — for yourself. Isnt that strange? So I was determined from the get-go that I wasnt going to blame my child for my own professional failures. Whatever I do or dont accomplish lies squarely on my shoulders. So there are sacrifices I have to make right now — getting up at 4:30 in the morning is one of them — but thats nothing compared to the rewards, and I know this time is fleeting. So Im careful not to squander it. Being a mother is a wonderful asset! Ive recently begun getting into Mid-Mod Century culture and design. Ive suddenly become conscious of all the small affinities I have for the 50s and 60s: I love Hepburn-esque dresses, cocktail culture, and Ive always romanticized the Rat Pack days (I used to say that I was a showgirl 20 years past my time). Id really like to buy one of the older Mid-Mod homes, with their sharp angles and clean lines and cinderblock patterns and butterfly roofs, but the areas these homes are in (in Las Vegas) need to be revitalized a bit before I jump on board with that. I used to daydream that Elvis was really my father. (Yes, such are the dreams of a child raised in Vegas!) But he was performing in town around the time I was born and my mother was totally cute — and I can do the lip thing, Thank you very much — so I thought it entirely feasible!

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