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Read-Along Radio Dramas use both visual and auditory sensory modes to develop the full rangeof language arts skills including an intuitive sense for the sound patterns of the English languageand a reading rate appropriate to the material being read. ...

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Details of The Tell-Tale Heart

Publication date
Age range
18+ Years
Book language
High quality scanned pages
6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.05 (d)

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Some brief overview of this book

Read-Along Radio Dramas use both visual and auditory sensory modes to develop the full range

of language arts skills including an intuitive sense for the sound patterns of the English language

and a reading rate appropriate to the material being read. The kits were designed for use with

language arts students in 6th grade through adult levels. Students follow along on word-for-word

scripts as they listen to the recorded audio drama with full casts and sound effects. The high

interest audio production promotes enthusiastic responses from students. When used as whole-

class read-along, the kits solve the age-old problem of some students not reading the assignment.

Read-Along Radio Dramas may be used with all language arts areas and ability levels (English,

reading, drama, ESL, special education, etc.) to improve reading, writing, listening and

visualization skills.

Each kit includes:

A cassette recording, a word-for-word script with duplication rights, seven or more student

activity sheets, discussion/writing questions, answer keys, a literary terms study packet, specific

teaching suggestions for the story title, strategies for teaching read-along in the secondary

classroom, an annotated script of the original story (when major changes are made in the

adaptation), and a sample lesson plan.

Common classroom uses:

Whole-class literature study.

Learning Stations — Individual (home school for instance) or small group activities.

Models for writing and producing classroom plays.

Emergency Lesson Plans — When teacher is absent, students are engaged in appropriate activities.

The murder of an old man is revealed after the murderer keeps hearing the continued beating of his victims heart.

A few words about book's author

Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849, was an American writer, poet, and editor, often credited with being the father of modern detective-fiction. His short stories, especially, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” and “The Premature Burial,” are often included in high school literature classes and who could ever forget the haunting line, “Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore,’” from his poem, The Raven?

His real name was Edgar Poe, but he was raised by the Allan family of West Virginia, who took him in after the death of his mother. His father had abandoned the family years earlier.

After failing at an army career, Poe turned to writing poetry and later switched his focus to prose which included short stories, literary criticism, and an effort at writing a journal of his own life. Unfortunately, this last endeavor was cut short when he died at the young age of 40.

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