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ALL IN, ALL THE TIMEFor Gary Burnison, CEO of the world’s largest executive search firm, these five simple words perfectly capture the essence of great leadership. There can be no half measures. Complete commitment, total engagement, and a powerful s...

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McGraw-Hill Education
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18+ Years
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Some brief overview of this book


For Gary Burnison, CEO of the world’s largest executive search firm, these five simple words perfectly capture the essence of great leadership. There can be no half measures. Complete commitment, total engagement, and a powerful sense of personal responsibility are the criteria for true leadership excellence. It’s more than a job; it’s a way of life. But how do you get there? In this groundbreaking book, Burnison provides the answer.

As the leader of Korn/Ferry International, Burnison is particularly well qualified to write a guide to effective leadership. On a personal level, he experiences every day what it’s like to be responsible for the lives of others, the careers of his employees, and the expectations of stakeholders. He also deals one-on-one with some of the world’s top leaders.

In The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership, Burnison distills this vast experience into an actionable plan for building world-class leadership skills. You’ll learn how to train your focus on the twelve most critical elements of leadership, so you can

Establish your vision and develop a strategy for achieving it

Inspire your people to embrace the change you envision

Measure the effectiveness of your leadership

Build powerful teams that are aligned in purpose and strategy

Foresee new opportunities and adjust your course to meet them

Nothing in business or life generates greater personal satisfaction than affecting peoples_25E2_2580097E5CB4E6

The prospect might seem daunting, but Burnison makes it more accessible than you thought possible. He presents a framework based on enduring human truths, which is applicable in every leadership role and arena. All you have to do is apply it with dedication and determination.

You have the ability. Take your first steps to leadership excellence with The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership.

Praise for The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership:

_25E2_2580_259CIn The Twelve Absolutes of Leadership, Gary Burnison captures the timeless principles0092701426

—Carlos Slim, entrepreneur, Investor, and the world’s richest man

_25E2_2580_259COnly a few good leaders have paused to reflect seriously on being leaders. Xenophon a0D3C66C4CB

—P.J. O’Rourke, political satirist, journalist, and author

_25E2_2580_259CGary Burnison has distilled leadership into its essential elements_25E2_2580_2594the 0D2A00B497

—Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Franklin “Buster” Hagenbeck

_25E2_2580_259CLeadership is the most important ingredient in any successful organization. Gary Burn0F29B7246A

—Eli Broad, founder of The Broad Foundations, KB Home, and SunAmerica

_25E2_2580_259DGary Burnison_25E2_2580_2599s wisdom and insight cut straight to the heart of the mat00064EC400

—Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico

A few words about book's author

Gary Burnison is Chief Executive Officer of Korn/Ferry International, the world’s largest executive recruiting firm and a leading global provider of talent management solutions. Based in Los Angeles, the firm delivers an array of solutions that help clients to attract, deploy, develop, and reward their talent. Burnison is a regular contributor to CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, and to other international news outlets.

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